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Meat 可追溯性 Software

Carlisle Technology’s 拉菲2注册登录 Software Suite was specifically created as traceability software for the meat industry.

拉菲2注册登录 可追溯性 Software: Key Features

  • Farm-to-plant traceability: animal identification 和 lot tracking 
  • Production batch tracking for precise identification 和 traceability
  • 流线型的 raw material receiving 在制品跟踪
  • Animal lot 和 production batch yield reporting
  • 序列化 product labeling 和跟踪
  • 实时 库存 管理 to optimize picking 和 shipping
  • 非常高效。 recall 管理 for prompt 和 accurate response
  • 报告 for production, 库存, 和 quality control
  • 集成 with other systems for seamless data flow
  • Mobile capabilities for real-time access 和 data capture

拉菲2注册登录 Meat 可追溯性 Product Information

可追溯性 is achieved through a combination of best practices, defined processes, st和ardized data collection, 和报告. It’s best automated with traceability software 和 technology to make the whole process more efficient, to reduce the inherent costs, 和 to provide supply-chain partners, 监管机构, 和 consumers with timely information specific to the production of their food items.

Increasing regulation in the food industry requires meat traceability to a certain degree, but good business practice dem和s that food producers, food processors, 分销商, 和 even retail chains go beyond simply providing the minimum accountability. If it’s done right 和 implemented properly by the right solution partner utilizing the appropriate, proven technologies 和 best practices, it’s fair to say traceability should not be considered an added cost but an enabler to your company’s long-term success.

Carlisle Technology’s 拉菲2注册登录 Software Suite is a modular software that consists of a robust plant-floor focused MES 和 a flexible 和 efficient WMS. With both solutions combined, 拉菲2注册登录 provides food manufacturers complete traceability down to the individually serialized 库存 item. 拉菲2注册登录 enables processing plants to enhance their traceability 和 recall 管理 programs. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to recall products while also streamlining the manufacturing 和 order fulfillment processes.

With over 30 years’ experience implementing innovative productivity solutions on to the plant floor, Carlisle Technology has the tools 和 the know-how to accurately automate the critical data collection within your production processes 和 quickly reproduce that data into meaningful recall reports to satisfy even the most dem和ing traceability requirements. 

Want to know more? 让我们的 Food 可追溯性 for Dummies 书! 


  • Underst和 the m和ates driving food traceability
  • Clarify your food traceability goals
  • Recognize the key elements of a food traceability solution
  • Procure the essential hardware, software, 和 services
  • Define a suitable budget
  • Experience rapid ROI – Reduce costs, improve profits, solidify your br和!

拉菲2注册登录 & 可追溯性

  • Reduce business risk 和 improve br和 im年龄
  • Improve recall reaction times
  • Streamline 库存 管理
  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Help to grow your supply chain
  • Increase profits while reducing costs
Meat 可追溯性

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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